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Association of Management Experts offers certifications that demonstrate highest level of expertise in all key areas of management.

At present time, to maintain highest quality of professional standards, our certifications are offered to new members only by referral from our existing members. If you would like to determine if you are eligible for one or more of the certifications, please get in touch with our members, and request a referral.

Why Get Certified

Our certifications help you to demonstrate exceptional knowledge of expertise, and obtain competitive advantage over your peers, expand your core competencies, and accelerate your career growth.

Certified Change Management Expert™

The most important aspects of any change – are to ensure that the change is accepted, adopted and sustained.

Certified Change Management Expert™ designation is for professionals who drive organizational change management activities, including extensive experience in the assessment of organizational readiness assessment, organizational impact assessment, planning and delivery of communication across multiple communication vehicles and tools, delivery of training, and facilitating adoption of changes by organizational stakeholders.

Certified Risk Management Expert™

Risk Management profession helps companies to identify and understand sources of risk, conduct risk analysis, establish effective risk management approach, and identify measures to reduce likelihood or exposure to risk. Monitoring risk indicators and thresholds enables to proactively choose the way to respond to risks, rather than letting them just happen. Risks rarely impact just one functional area. Often, a single risk event may have operational, legal, regulatory, financial, human and technical consequences. By using Enterprise Risk Management approach, Risk Management Experts ensure that risk impacts are understood and minimized, and effective risk management approaches are established for all areas that may have risk exposure.

Certified Risk Management Expert™ (CRME) designation is for individuals who have demonstrated expertise in managing enterprise risks.

Certified Project Management Expert™

Project Management is the art of delivery of one time organizational activities in order to bring forward organizational benefits. Projects are delivered with the adherence to cost, schedule and scope objectives.

Each of the industries and verticals within the industry may have specific flavors of projects, and very specific delivery complexities. Programs and projects may have from several to more than few hundred stakeholders. Initiatives may be impacting few departments, few companies or few countries. Rather than leveraging mostly theoretical skills, true experts of the Project Management discipline need to have exceptional leadership style, extremely effective interpersonal abilities, have some exposure to the industry and type of initiatives that they will be managing. They often need to lead without formal organizational authority, and just make things happen.

Certified Project Management Expert™ (CPME) designation is for professional who have passion and extensive experience in the areas of portfolio, program or project management.

Certified Corporate Governance Expert™

Being a framework for responsible management, corporate governance promotes principles of transparency, effectiveness, well defined responsibilities and effective control and reporting framework. Governance starts at the Board of Directors, and encompasses all levels of the organization.

Certified Corporate Governance Expert™ (CCGE) designation is for individuals that are responsible for setup, review, implementation or audit of the corporate governance.